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The Iron Man Mark IV Hand has been deployed to Iron Kid. The Mark IV has the same functionality of the Mark III plus many new High-Tech Features. The goal was to help a child by giving him the most awesome hand. The Mark III Hand was given to “Iron Kid” Tyler on his eighth Birthday and seeing him put it on and light it up made this one of the best days of my life.

Iron Kid used his new hand for awhile, and it came back for an extensive upgrade to the Mark IV Hand Armor. Tyler’s relatives were concerned that he wasn’t exercising his hand enough, and I thought it would be a great addition to add a Mobile App that could integrate with a Game Controller like device right in his hand. Therapy Game Play that’s fun to do I say. The game app is in the initial development, but all the hardware is in place. There’s also a nifty Control Panel App that allows diagnostics and control of the hand. It also has a Remote Alert System that lights up the repulsor and vibrates the hand with haptic feedback, so Iron Kid will never be late for dinner. Many new High-Tech and fun features were also added including, more info to come…